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About Us

Building Communities

Located on the picturesque Vancouver Island, BC, RG Foster is a distinguished real estate development company deeply rooted in the ethos of sustainable community living. As a locally owned and operated entity, our primary commitment lies in designing and constructing homes that not only reflect our dedication but also contribute positively to the environment. Our devoted team of professionals finds inspiration in the vibrant fabric of communities and the profound impact that well-designed homes have on individuals’ lives.

At RG Foster, our mission is a heartfelt dedication to fashioning residences and spaces that go beyond mere structures—they aim to embody a sense of purpose and meaning. We aspire to create dwellings that stand as pillars of strength within communities, fostering a sense of belonging and longevity. With an unwavering focus on sustainability and thoughtful design, we endeavor to bring enduring value to communities, ensuring that our creations remain cherished for generations to come.


Every RG Foster home is thoughtfully designed, finished with exceptional materials, and built to enrich the lives of those who live in it. 

RG Foster Development Inc. specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing properties spanning the expanse of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Upon acquiring prime real estate, our team adeptly harnesses its comprehensive industry expertise to maximize value at each phase of the development journey.

Guided by our core values of accountability, integrity, and environmental responsibility, our team is dedicated to delivering homes that embody these principles. We prioritize accountability in our actions, uphold integrity in our dealings, and conscientiously practice environmental responsibility throughout our projects.





We believe that development is not just about building a home, we believe that it is about building a landmark that can serve homeowners, neighbours, the community, and the city. This principle guides our process, from designing, to building, to completion, and every action in between. 


RG Foster believes in giving back to the community. We work directly with cities and districts to develop affordable housing complexes that are both beautiful and functional for the community.


Although we build homes for individuals and families, we acknowledge that the Earth is home to everyone. Thus, we believe in taking care of our Earth and using environmentally conscious processes and materials to lessen our carbon footprint.